Perfect civilization

By Johnson Gilbert

Perfect civilization is the name of an Indian book/novel by debutant author, Johnson Gilbert. The Indian author hails from Kerala, South India and his epic novel begins in 18th century India and compels the reader to join him on a journey through time to an apocalyptic future.

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About The Book

Theme – The ultimate way of living – portrayed through an adventurous epic saga.
Characters – a neo visionary prophet, a young commoner who becomes a princess, also an extraordinary martial arts practitioner.

A visual treat to readers, a journey to the rich heritage, a plot that keeps the readers enthralled, holding to their seats, making them turn pages in anticipation. The charaters float in front of the reader's eyes staging a high voltage drama, the readers gripping to their seats live through the experience

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An epic work in progress. Join the author on his imaginative, interactive inspiration


4/5(17 Reviews)

Johnson Gilbert
DJ --> Event Manager --> Tourism Entrepreneur --> Author

The first DJ (party disc jockey) in Kerala, Johnson travels through India finding inspiration through his journeys for his epic novel.

Written over a period of 4 years, Perfect Civilization is borne out of years of research, reading and recording the variables of life.

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